Air freight is the fastest and comfortable mode of transporting cargoes.

In spite of the complexity and comparatively high cost, air freight is widely used for cargo shipments due to its convenience and speed. Air transport is often the only possible way to deliver certain cargo. We provide the following services: 

  • Receiving of the cargoes;
  • Transportation to the airport;
  • Customs clearance
  • Air freight;
  • Door-to-door delivery from the airport to the recipient’ warehouse
  • Consultations concerning organization of optimal schemes of international transportation;
  • Other services

Our experts will select for you the most optimal route scheme at the lowest cost. The benefits of air service The main advantage of air service lies in the transporting speed of delivery. This is how air freight differs from other modes of transportation: water, land and rail transport mode. High speed plays a very important role in international transport when goods are to be transported over long distances. Your goods will be delivered easily to any part of the world, while you do not have to worry about their safety. Another quite important advantage of the air freight – to ensure complete safety of your cargo. In addition, airfreight allows to carry a variety of goods, without reference to weight and overall. Disadvantages of air transport The main Disadvantage of this method is high cost. Tariffs for transportation by air are set depending on your load. Some products, due to their overall, also constitute a barrier to air transportation. In this context, carrying the oversized goods and small parties. This, of course, is another disadvantage of this method of transportation. In addition, airfreigts do not provide the possibility of the delivery to custumers’ door. This entails the need to use trucks, which further “hit on the wallet.”Another disadvantage of this method of transportation – is the dependence on the climatic conditions. In cloudy weather, especially during heavy rains, the flight may be postponed or delayed, which, by itself, leads to a delay in shipping.


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