Sea freight: reliable and cost-effective way to deliver a cargo promptly.

The marine vessels are capable of taking on board sufficiently large volumes of goods, thus making them the most cost-effective method of transportation. Also sea freights are the main and in some cases the only possible way to deliver cargoe to other continents. The main advantage of sea freight include the low-cost for/long distance, at the same time providing a high level of security. We provide the following services:

  • Портовые работы, включающие в себя разгрузку и погрузку на судно;
  • Execution of all necessary documents for cargo transportation.
  • Складские услуги, включающие в себя упаковывание, маркировку, такелажные работы;
  • Негабаритные перевозки морским транспортом с разработкой проекта, схем крепления груза, оформлением необходимых документов и согласованием перевозки с различными учреждениями;

Advantages of sea freight The main advantage of sea freight is its low cost. Rates are much lower as compared to the vehicle, and especially air transport. A serious argument in favor of maritime transport is the possibility of safe transportation of bulky goods and dangerous goods. Disadvantages of sea freight A significant disadvantage of shipping are substantial period of time. Nevertheless, experience shows that for the sake of reasons of economy, transport costs distributors are willing to sacrifice the speed of transportation of goods, besides the vast majority of goods transported by sea do not require urgent delivery. Consequently, the speed of delivery has a much less important role than the possibility of financial savings.

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